Jun 18, 2015

Startling And Splendid Collection Of Quotes About Stars

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Universe is so huge and diverse that no one can imagine about it. There are a number of natural bodies which exist on the sky. When we look at the sky we can see sun, moon, stars and many others. These natural bodies are known as heavenly bodies. When we look at the heavenly bodies from our planet earth, it seems that they are very small. The reason is they are much far from us. It take millions of days to reach them. Stars are so large that we cannot imagine about their size. At night, they give a beautiful and wonderful sight. Away from our busy life routines, when we look at stars we feel happy. Quotes about stars are amazing. Og Mandino once said

“I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness because it shows me the stars.”

Stars are the huge ball of gases. They contain hydrogen and helium in them. There are billions of stars but we can see only few. They are at extreme large distance due to which they are not visible with the naked eye. Stars are shining at night and there are thousands of them.  Scientists keep on performing different experiments on the stars to know about them. Here I am sharing some splendid quotes about stars. These quotes will help you know and get information about them. This post also contains the pictures of bundles of stars with the best and stylish backgrounds. You can also set these images as wallpapers. Have a look at this mind-blowing collection.

I Have Loved The Stars
quotes about starsStar Pictures

quotes about starsQuotes About Stars

quotes about starsStars Like Dust

quotes about starsBeautiful Quotes

quotes about stars

quotes about stars

I Will Be Your Sky

quotes about starsLosing

quotes about stars


quote about starsMy Thoughts Are Stars

quote about starsQuote About Stars


star quotesSecret Weapon

star quotesLight Shines Down

quotes on stars


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